Beckton Outfall Spool Piece Installation, London


ABCO Divers Ltd mobilised a dive team and all associated equipment for the connection of two spool piece sections between two 3m internal diameter polyethylene pipes, to facilitate the final connection to the newly installed Beckton Outfall pipe.

The works are part of the Thames Water – Lee Tunnel project, the twin culvert outfall is the final discharge point for the prestigious Thames Tideway tunnel that will largely replace London’s network of Victorian brick built sewers & reduce foul sewage discharge into the River Thames from over 35 million cubic meters to less than 2.5 million cubic meters volume per year. 

Project Information

Removal of welded polyethylene blind flanges in two ends of pipe (hydraulic saw or similar)

Installation of two spool piece (approx. 4m long) down on saddles in the polyethylene box and anchoring in place.

Mass Concrete Pour protection of the installation.

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