East Worthing Short Sea Outfall


ABCO Divers Ltd were contracted by GTM JV – Southern Water to carry out a visual and tactile examination of all accessible elements of the outfall structure including the vertical section of the main SSO pipeline, the diffuser ports, the tide flex valves, the blanking flange, the navigation structure support piles and the navigation support piles cross bracing. A remote camera and survey staff were fed inside the main SSO pipeline to measure siltation and record footage of the internal condition of the pipe.

Project Information

The work package included;

Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge was used to measure remaining steel thicknesses on all elements of the structure.

Bathycorrometer was used to identify corrosion potential of the steel elements.

Report preparation, including recommendations on suitable remedial actions, sea beds surveys and photographs and video surveys.

Site Health & Safety Plans, with close liaison with the client and stakeholders, to ensure access and egress arrangements.

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