Our Industry:
Highly challenging & highly rewarding

As marine civil engineering specialists, ABCO naturally works in challenging locations and in a high risk work environment. Across each project, multi-skilled and professional personnel are employed from various backgrounds to help deliver the work.

Part of our challenge is that we operate in-shore and near-shore operations, usually in a tidal range, so each day presents new challenges and risk. As a result, Health & Safety and thorough training is a priority in our industry.

Although we are a marine civil engineering company, we are governed by HSE statutory requirements for our operations, while we also have to get our vessels and marine material transfers reviewed by marine and insurance organisations.

Our personnel and their work ethic is critical to the delivery of our projects. As a result, we invest heavily in the training of our personnel to ensure that they have the required preparation for all work processes for both marine and shore-based operations.

Types of Positions:

A unique feature of ABCO is the various roles that come together in the delivery of our projects. Below is a list of some of the roles in our team:

  • Commercial Diver

    ABCO welcome all applications for review for commercial air diving supervisors, experienced commercial divers and commercial divers with welding experience.

  • Commercial Manager

    Commercial Manager required to support live projects throughout the UK, Ireland and also operations in renewable energy in Europe.

  • Hydrographic Surveyor

    We are looking for a Hydrographic Surveyor to join our team to support our dredging operations in the UK and Ireland.

  • Marine (Jack-Up) Barge Personnel

    ABCO welcome all applications for review for marine personnel specifically for Jack Up Barge (Nearshore / Inshore) operations, we specifically welcome applications from persons with marine construction experience working from marine plant, including but not restricted to barge masters.

  • Project Manager(s) for upcoming projects in England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland and London Area

ABCO is an Equal Opportunity employer. We wish to ensure the fair and unbiased treatment of all job applicants.

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