Marine Construction

When working adjacent to, over or on water, unique difficulties exist for civil engineering construction projects. Our skilled construction teams, however, are used to operating in challenging locations and difficult marine conditions. And because of the experience and expertise we offer, our experienced Works Managers & Barge Masters are more than capable of dealing with the logistical challenges these environments bring whilst maintaining a clear focus on timescales and safe operating procedures.

All inclusive package

ABCO offers an all-inclusive total work package for marine construction and infrastructure projects, from initial site investigation and hydrographic survey, to over-water piling, commercial diving, dredging and report preparation.We own and operate our own marine plant which is operated by our skilled and experience personnel, so we can cater for all marine civil engineering needs on varying projects.

Fully integrated, fully accredited

The location of specific works often see us working in environmentally sensitive locations. At ABCO, we oversee all our operations in line with our fully integrated management system which is accredited to UKAS recognised management systems.

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