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ABCO Marine Ltd were contracted by FARRANS as specialist marine contractor on Barrow WWTW and Sea Outfall. The 2.4km Sea Outfall, was installed for United Utilities to carry treated wastewater from its plant at Roose, into the waters of Morecambe Bay. ABCO Marine Limited, where engaged by Farrans to install the marine section of the outfall.

The project involved the installation of concrete lined, steel pipe sections from the seawall to the diffuser location. The construction materials where imported by way of an installed causeway over the mud flats and materials transfer barge, working in line with the tides and lock gate opening in order to support a timely completion for the licensing requirements and foreshore activities.

Project Information

1000mm Diameter Concrete Lined, Steel Pipe and associated diffuser fittings were placed from Ch-0+000 to the diffuser outlet point at Ch0+160.

ABCO installed, scour protection and backfill materials utilised in the project, including concrete mattress and rock armour protection on the new outfall section.

Dredging Activities and bed preparations were satisfied in line with suitable tides by our specialised Volvo 360 excavator c/w 3D GPS Excavation Software, enabling quality control to design construction levels and profiled rock armour detail.

Pipe lengths, were installed by way of incremental lay, protecting and securing on completion of each pipe section. With backfilling operations completed on each tide, with granular protection placed around the new pipe sections.

The piling process, required the mobilisation of the C57 Jack Up platform c/w crawler crane and piling systems, which was supported by T44 Transfer Barge and The Noo Pushy Tug. All materials were transferred to wok location via Barrow-in- Furness Harbour, with all operations planned in consultation with Harbour Office.

Installation of pile caps on pre-placed piles, full construction detail and grouting arrangements on outfall sectional pipe, along with all protective cathodic protection.

Preparation of all as-built survey information and drawing preparation for all site construction operations completed on site, issued to client.


FARRANS for United Utilities


July 2014 – September 2014

Client Representatives

Mr Allen O Neill, Farrans Construction


Long Sea Outfalls Overwater Piling

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