Castletownbere Harbour


ABCO Marine (Irl) Ltd were contracted by Carillion Irishenco Ltd for dredging in relation to the Dinish Wharf new quay wall extension works. With the dredged material having to be dumped at sea, the Hebble Sand was utilised for both the loading and disposal. ABCO also mobilised a Modular Spud Barge with a Long Reach Excavator with GPS Dig System to support the dredge activities, the excavator was also used in the extraction of existing piles for the new quay construction.

The project had a number of different elements, including overwater piling from our C59 Emotion Jack-Up Barge supported from the shore by a crawler crane. Additionally we had dredging operations of the harbour, with all material loaded onto the Hebble Sand for disposal at sea. As part of the works existing harbour piling had to be removed, this was done both mechanically and also by ABCO Diver Ltd who had to underwater burning to remove piles at the design level.

Some 20,000m3 of material was dredged and disposed under a ‘Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food – Dumping at Sea Acts 1996 / 2004 Permit’.

Project Information

Mobilisation and construction of C59 Emotion Jack-Up Barge to support pile installation, with all operations supplied by an additional crawler crane positioned on the quay.

Supply of support work boats, including Hebble Sand Hopper Dredger, Modular Spud Barge and support vessels.

Installation of 63 number 800mm -900mm large diameter piles, management and programming of drilling operations and pile installation conducted from C59 Emotion Jack-Up Barge.

Removal of drill and piling generated waste, with materials separated into skips and lifted from barge onto Crane Barge and onto shore for disposal.

Mobilisation and construction of Modular Pontoon Spud Barge carried with Long Reach Excavator and Hebble Sand Hopper Dredger (550m³) to dredge and shape new Dinish Wharf quay extension.

Dredge of berthing face and quay bed to design depth of -10.2m (Ordinance Datum), with 20,000m³ of material dredge and disposed at sea.

Extraction of existing quay piles, using specialist hydraulic pile breaker fitted to Long Reach Excavator. With all associated pile concrete and steel removed to shore.

Working with ABCO Divers Ltd for pile removal, terram layers and rock armour placement on revetment and berthing face bed.


Carillion Irishenco Ltd


June 2009 – September 2009

Client Representatives

Carillion Irishenco Ltd


Overwater Piling Marine Dredge

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