Castor Bay Intake


ABCO Marine Ltd were contracted by Farrans Earthtech as specialist marine contractor on the Castor Bay Intake Project for Dalriada Water Consortium. Our delivery team prepared the intake on the loch shore at a location within 3 miles. The pipe was welded into a single length included air ducts secured to the top of the ballast collars. The 1000mm OD intake pipe which included a penstock valve fitted in advance of the installation, in order to permit the tie into the existing pipework.

The construction works took place adjacent to an existing intake and demanded stringent controls and monitoring turbidity during excavations. ABCO Marine employed a turbidity curtain, which remained in place and managed throughout the entire program. The prepared pipe string was towed approximately 3 nautical miles to the work site. 

Project Information

1000mm Outside Diameter Pipe and associated diffuser fittings were placed from Ch-0+0 on shore to the intake point at Ch0+135.

110mm OD PE Ducts secured to stainless steel brackets, as part of the air blast cleaning system.

ABCO supplied all ballast, scour protection and backfill materials utilised in the project, including concrete collars/mattress, granular backfill material and intake system.

The project was managed with the use of an imported rock causeway, long reach excavator c/w dig master system, works Tug and support vessels. The dredged material was recovered and stock piles on shore for backfill.

Pipe length was prepared on the loch shore, with all pipe welding, concrete collaring and connections completed on site. The string was towed 3 miles before, alignment and mooring in advance of a ‘float and sink’ installation of pipe into prepared marine trench.

Trench backfill incorporated, imported Rock Armour, hauled to location by articulated dumpers and placed with the use of the long reach excavator. A similar method was used to reinstate the bed with stockpiled as dug material.

ABCO Divers Ltd – commercial diving company, supported installation of the diffuser outlet section including preparation of the stone bed and mass concrete pour to support the intake system.




May 2007 – June 2007

Client Representatives

Mr Kevin Corley , Farrans


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