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ABCO Marine Ltd were contracted as specialist marine subcontractor on Northern Ireland Water long sea outfall project in Cloughfin, Co Antrim. The project design detailed a 355mm Outside Diameter Pipe and associated diffuser fittings were placed 220lin/m on shore to ‘Low Water Mark’ (LWM), and from LWM a marine section of pipe was placed to a distance 558lin/m offshore to the diffuser outlet point

The location of the site was quite restrictive, with marine personnel having a daily transfer of 6.5 nautical miles to access the barge. All other equipment was mobilised from Larne Harbour, and this was also the location pipe length preparations. All pipe length were welded, with all concrete ballast collars connected, pipe lengths were connected so a single string prepared length of 558lin/m was towed the 12 nautical miles to site.

Project Information

Long Sea Outfall into Irish Sea, employed as specialist subcontractor for outfall installation on behalf of Northern Ireland Water.

355mm Outside Diameter Pipe and associated diffuser fittings was placed 220lin/m on shore to ‘Low Water Mark’ (LWM) to a distance 558lin/m offshore to the diffuser outlet point.

ABCO sourced and procured the all materials utilised in the project, pipe lengths with associated fittings, concrete collars/mattress and granular backfill material.

Mobilised C5 Jack-Up Barge c/w excavator, Backhoe Dredge Barge, Tug and support vessels to support the marine excavations through clay, with material side cast for backfill. Excavation of trench in 20m deep water, using long reach excavator, with level control maintained from GPS dig system.

Work site location, had restricted access and work areas, daily crew transfer of 6.5 nautical miles.

Pipe length was prepared in Larne, with all pipe welding, concrete collaring and connections completed on site before a 12 nautical mile tow to site.

Hydrographic and topographical surveys of the existing seabed and beach were completed, hydrographic survey were also utilised during the project, both pre/post sink surveys of the marine trench.

Preparation of project as-built reports and drawings, including all pipe testing results and pipe welding logs for quality control.

ABCO Divers Ltd – commercial diving supported the installation of the diffuser section of the LSO pipeline in 22m deep water, placing diffuser section, including diffuser dome and concrete mattress to protect against scour of the outlet section.


Van Oord for NI Water


August 2011 – February 2012

Client Representatives

Mr Joseph Spenser, Van Oord UK


Long Sea Outfalls

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