Peace Bridge Overwater Piling Construction


ABCO Marine Ltd were contracted by Graham Construction Ltd for the supply of specialist plant and personnel for the installation of large diameter piles in the River Foyle to support the £9.6 million bridge construction.

To facilitate the operations on the River Foyle, ABCO mobilised our B69 Emotional modular crane barge along with transfer barge and support vessels to support the operations, with the bridge consisting of three continuous spans of 65m, 100m and 65m over the River Foyle.

The contract involved the installation of 40 No. circular steel piles (1600mm outside diameter) into the riverbed. ABCO personnel were utilised in a varying work elements, including commercial diving, workboat support and positioning of the modular crane barge to support construction activities. 

Project Information

Mobilisation and construction of B69 Emotional Modular Crane Barge to support pile installation, plant and material transfer. With project specific stability analysis completed for crane operations.

Supply of support work boats and competent marine personnel for the duration of the project, with various types of vessel from Pushy Tugs, crew transfer vessels and dory workboats.

Installation of 40 number 1.6m diameter piles into the river bed for the pier foundations and providing marine support for the construction of the bridge piers.

Commercial diving operations, for construction of temporary causeway, with concrete precast blocks placed to retain causeway material in place to construct work platform to access the east pier.

Assisted with the placement of the deck sections, pulling and stressing of the cables and managed the removal of all supporting temporary works.

Regular liaison with local Port Authority, ensuring all vessels movements and drill exercises were communicated and recorded ensuring compliance with operations.

Mobilised and demobilised all marine specific equipment from local harbor authority chosen quay, working under all harbor permits and restrictions.


Graham Construction Ltd


January 2010 – January 2011

Client Representatives

Graham Construction Ltd


Overwater Piling

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