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By working with people from different backgrounds, experiences and working styles, we complement each other, make better decisions and thus drive a higher- performance culture.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

ABCO is one of leading lights in the construction industry for the provision of equal opportunity to all job applicants, employees, subcontractors and casual workers. We are fully committed to eliminating discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations between different people when carrying out their activities. Our policies operate across:

Equality: Ensuring individuals and groups are treated fairly and equally. This involves taking into account the different experiences and needs of all, particularly in relation to protected characteristics.

Diversity: The understanding that each individual is different and the recognition that diverse teams, boards and workforces produce better outcomes;

Inclusion: The action of including or of being included within a group or structure. Promoting an inclusive culture is about recognising the value of diversity and supporting all to realise their full potential.

Best people for the job

We employ personnel based on their individual competency, skills and knowledge, to ensure we have the best people within our organisation. We believe in the working alongside a diverse range of talent to better represent the community in which we operate.

Listening to everyone

We empower people to speak up at every level of the organisation. We believe this leads to improved equality, better relations and positive collaboration.

Female Misrepresentation in the Construction / Civil Engineering Industry

The construction/civil engineering industry remains a male dominated sector, with women underrepresented in all construction occupations and professions.

ABCO plans to tackle this by attracting more women to the industry, with four new female employees recruited in the last year. This extends to supporting our female workforce with an aspiration of 30% of our workforce by next year.

  • We have some of the most progressive policies for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • We are committed to Personal Career Development for all our people and we encourage everyone to identify opportunities
  • We aim to upskill all employees within their roles, leading to Professional Accreditations where possible

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