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Our Vision is to create a Positive Injury-Free Environment - a culture of care and concern which encourages everybody to accept responsibility for their own and their work colleagues’ safety

We treat safety with the highest priority and we expect our employees to take individual responsibility and encourage safe work behaviours.

A Safe and Healthy Place of Work

We ensure that the company health and safety management statement and arrangements are implemented to the highest standards, including

  • Providing information, instruction, training and supervision to enable the safe planning and execution of work activities.
  • Ensuring the competence of our employees and suppliers to execute the activities they undertake
  • Conducting all operations in such a way to ensure that employees and others are not exposed to risk
  • Developing and implementing Safe Systems of Work through design, planning, construction, operation and maintenance of plant, equipment and facilities
  • Providing suitable welfare facilities for all employees
  • Undertaking random alcohol and drug testing at all work locations

Safety Training and Competence

We insist that employees and sub- contractors can demonstrate general construction health and safety awareness, through attendance on formal training courses and possession of the relevant training certification.

Safe Work Behaviours - Communication

We believe that communication is critical to creating the conditions for our ZEROPLUS philosophy. It’s important that everyone understands our approach to safety - and feels empowered to play their part.

Raising Awareness with S.O.R.

Our Safety Observation Reporting (SOR) system empowers all employees and subcontractors to raise health, safety, environmental and wellbeing observations, both positive and for areas for improvement.

Occupational Health

Occupational health issues are not always visible but can have the same devastating impact as accidents and injuries, sometimes causing prolonged health problems. ABCO is committed to ensuring that no harm to our employees’ long-term health occurs as a result of our operations.

"If it cannot be done safely, then we don’t do it at all"

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