Waterford Outfall


ABCO Marine Ltd were contracted by Coffey Group as specialist marine contractor on Waterford WWTW Outfall Project for Waterford County Council. Our Project Team prepared the outfall on location within the operating Port of Belview, The pipe was welded into two lengths, which included 1200mm OD via a 110 degree bend and stepped down to a 710mm OD pipe length, the second section also stepped down from the 710mm OD to a 450mm OD, which included a 20 port diffuser. The pipe lengths were prepared with the previously installed anchor points, blank plates and pre-cast concrete collars.

The two marine sections were connected into one continuous string, via a 110° degree bend. The prepared pipe string was towed approximately 2 nautical miles to the work site, and sunk into the excavated marine trench using the ‘float and sink’ method of pipe installation. A detailed hydrographic survey was required to monitor progress throughout the dredge and immediately pre sink with tight controls for alignment. 

Project Information

1200mm, 710 & 450mm Outside Diameter Pipe, 20 Number diffuser risers and 16 Tide Flex valves were placed from Ch- 0+730 on shore to the diffuser outlets from Ch0+889 to ch0+989


Coffey for Waterford City Council


April 2008 – July 2008

Client Representatives

Mr James Clooney, Coffey Group


Long Sea Outfalls

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