Wheatcroft Outfall Repair


ABCO Marine Ltd were contracted by Yorkshire Water as principle contractor for Wheatcroft LSO Emergency Repair project, taking the following requirements into consideration when planning and programming the repair works;

  • Identify the single point of the failure on pipeline between chainage 140m and 160m as per the as built drawings in Site Information Appendix 1.

  • Design and submit for acceptance the extent of the repair, including the proposed methodology, materials and access to be utilised taking due regard to precautionary measures to avoid pollution to the marine environment.

  • The repair shall be designed as such that the Outfall is restored to its existing hydraulic capacity.

Project Information

Access ramp construction, to facilitate access to the foreshore. All materials imported into site by local supplier, and delivered to site using site dumpers in line with site traffic management plan.

Long Sea Outfall temporary diversion to Short Sea Outfall (SSO) in location, with temporary length of HDPE pipe fitted with a 45deg bend so that the effluent was discharged away from the work location.

Excavation around the damaged section of pipe to expose the extent of the damage, with the material removed using a combination of air-lift and diver controlled spot digging by the 40T long reach excavator.

Inshore commercial diving with associated hand tools to remove concrete protection along the damage length of pipe. With final measurements obtained to prepare repair piece and connection collars.

Concrete (Marine C50) backfill surround placed around after dive inspections on repair sections.

Testing and commission of repair section, with temporary diversion removed and flow diverted to Long Sea Outfall pipe. With inspections completed during both high and low tidal periods.

The site works were programmed during spring tides, working 24hr/7 days to make the most of the tidal window. This also enabled the repair section to be accessed by shore plant eliminating the need for marine equipment to complete the repair works.


Yorkshire Water


February 2015 – April 2015

Client Representatives

Ms Sarah Burgess, Yorkshire Water Services


Long Sea Outfalls

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