Windermere TIC Outfall


ABCO Marine Ltd were contracted as specialist marine contractor on Windermere TIC Outfall project for United Utilities. We liaised closely with the client to finalise a design, minimising the requirement of excavation due to strict environmental detailed in the work license. The project design detailed a 710mm OD pipe, 150lin/m long taken from the shore to a discharge point on the lakebed, resting on concrete mattress and protected by concrete kennels over the entire length. Due to the nature of the work location, plant and materials were mobilised 7 nautical miles down lake, at Newby Bridge. All materials were transported using a transfer barge. Turbidity (Silt) Curtains were established around the first 60lin/m, where excavation of the Windermere TIC Outfall shore was required for the pipe length. ABCO Marine Ltd supplied and prepared the outfall pipe lengths on site in Bowness-on- Windermere, with the pipe welding in one continuous string, including the outlet ports.

Project Information

710mm Outside Diameter Pipe and associated diffuser fittings were placed 150lin/m into Lake Windermere.

Mobilised all plant, equipment and materials at allocated compound at Newby Bridge. With all transferred on Lake Windermere approximately 7 nautical miles to the works site.

Due to woks license, excavation was minimised to the lake shore tie-in section, with the outfall pipe length to be placed directly on concrete mattress resting on the lakebed and protected by concrete kennels over its entire length.

Turbidity (Silt) Curtains erected around the first 60lin/m. where excavation of lake shore was required. The containment curtains float on the surface of the water and are weight at the bottom to create a screen to prevent fine silt and sediment particles being washed out.

ABCO Divers Ltd were utilized for the placement of geotextile membrane, 1t Stone Bags, Concrete Mattress, and Precast Concrete Kennels along the pipe length. Upon work completion a Dive Video Survey was completed and issued.

The pipe length were prepared by ABCO Marine Ltd personnel, with all welding completed on-site with quality control records and test completed and recorded.

Pipe ‘float & sink’ method was used for the prepared 150lin/m long pipe section, with line and position controlled by GPS and Land Surveyor. The one piece pipe length was taken from shore onto Lake Windermere, aligned and then pulled into position before being sank onto pre-placed concrete mattress.

ABCO Marine Ltd site management liaised directly with Lake Windermere Wardens and all stakeholders for the duration of the project.


KMI Ltd for United Utilities (UU)


November 2012 – January 2013

Client Representatives

Mr Kevin McGarry, KMI Ltd


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