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Introducing ABCO’s Zeroplus philosophy

ABCO is committed to creating and maintaining a positive health, safety and wellbeing culture which secures the commitment and participation of all our employees and suppliers.

The aim of ZEROPLUS is not only to target zero accidents but to encourage and inform our people to help develop a proactive work environment. It is a culture of care and concern for people which encourages everybody to accept responsibility for their own and their work colleagues’ wellbeing and to create a Safer, Happier and Healthier environment for everyone touched by the ABCO organisation.

Not just safety...


Our Vision is to create a Positive Injury-Free Environment - a culture of care and concern which encourages everybody to accept responsibility for their own and their work colleagues’ safety
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Not just Wellbeing...


Employee wellbeing is more than just people’s medical health. It relates to all aspects of working life - from the quality and safety of our physical environment, to how we feel about our work.
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Not just Environment...


At ABCO, we work to the highest standards of environmental compliance and management, operating to ISO14001 accredited environmental management systems. And, as in everything we do, it is our policy to develop continuous improvement across all of our environment activities, products and services.
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Not just People...


By working with people from different backgrounds, experiences and working styles, we complement each other, make better decisions and thus drive a higher- performance culture.
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